Race-work, Race-love

Jul 02

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Arizona State offers support for body-slammed professor, but university denies any shift @insidehighered

Jul 01

Professor Slammed to the Ground for Jaywalking Speaks Out

ASU Professor Slammed To The Ground By Police, Gets Arrested For Assaulting An Officer (VIDEO)

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MoveOn Petitions - Justice for Professor Ersula Ore

University issues faculty letter about professor who was body-slammed by police | Naturally Moi

Jun 29

Police slam female professor to the ground in shocking video | The Legal Blog

Jun 22

“We need to have more humility about what works and what can work across ethnic, cultural, and racial divides…” — Troy Duster, 1991

May 28

“#MayaAngelou - “…the name of #CeliaCruz, the great Cuban singer will always figure among them as one who belonged to all people. Her songs in Spanish were weighted with sympathy for the human spirit…From her, I learned to bring everything I had onto the stage with me…Much of the presence I bring to my performance, I learned from Celia Cruz.””